About us:

The main player: Boris our Adria Sport motorhome.

The Publisher: Penny Reynolds, a full time wife and mum, born and bred in Somerset, with two children Larissa and Keiran.


The driver: Marc Reynolds, my husband since 2012, a HGV driver by trade and born in Mitcham London.


Security: Molly Reynolds our Jack Russell terrier.


Entertainment: Freddie Reynolds our other Jack Russell terrier.


When Marc and I first met in 2011 we soon realised we had the same love of travelling, and we were meant for each other. We couldn’t have children together and frankly I was too old “for all of that again” so we did the next best thing and got a puppy and then another.   What would become of our travels now?

I had been camping in the past but I couldn’t imagine the Harley Davidson Biker Man in a tent! I put the idea in his head about getting a motorhome which I also thought would satisfy his love of all things with wheels on, being a HGV driver and we went to our local dealer to have a look around.  We were both amazed at the range of layouts, prices, conditions of the vehicles; mileage and the whole thing seemed so complex.

First of all we got Emily a Swift Gazelle and you can see our travels in her from a tab on the ‘homepage’.  This is the ideal way to start, get a small relatively inexpensive van and go out there.  Try out the whole experience and it will give you an idea of:

What you want to do. Just watch the world go by, travel out from an area for a few days,

How you want to travel. Stay a short while, stay long term.

What you would like to improve upon i.e. a fixed bed, larger/smaller van etc

Then upgrade!

We moved onto Thor but that wasn’t perfect so we then got Boris, and whilst there are things I would like to change on the whole he is perfect.

More about us:

My daughter says I am nuts but I like to think that I am a bit eccentric at times, meeting Marc enabled me to be ‘who I am’, I do not have to pretend to be someone or something I am not and we are both so similar in attitudes it is frightening.  We love travel, we love food and most importantly we love each other warts and all.

I am a very practical person, I love to create.  I sew my own clothes, make items for the home, I have an allotment and enjoy all the produce we harvest from it.  I also enjoy harvesting the fruits of nature such a blackberries, and sloes to make my own gin.

I enjoy baking, and making new things such as Lemoncello.

I taught myself how to knit a couple of years ago but I prefer to crochet as it is only one stitch at a time and therefore only one stitch to drop.

I recently graduated from the Open University obtaining a BSc(Hons) in Science.  I loved studying and the OU enabled me to study modules of the things that interested me for my degree such as:

Human Biology, The Molecular World, Evolution, Infectious Disease, Shaping the Continents(volcanoes, plate tectonics), Science in Society(Arsenic in water in Bangladesh, Climate Change, Genetic Manipulation, BSE/vCJD), Science of the Mind, and my Dissertation “An investigation into the ethical issues raised by gene therapy for Cystic Fibrosis and the specific risks associated with the use of viral vectors”.

I picked up many new computer skills studying with the OU as well as polishing my writing skills which I used in many articles that have been published in MMM and are still to be published.

Larissa suggested that I start a blog 2 years ago but is was only when in Spain and I met Pete, Nia, Rosie and Tony (2015) that I took it on board.  When a family member suggests such a thing you just think “well they would think I could and should do this as you think all your family members are wonderful” but when a stranger also thinks you should do this you take more notice and I did.

This is my blog, a diary of the places we have been, some wonderful and some not so good.  I hope you all get to enjoy our travels and be inspired for places to go.

Fellow motorhomers I hope you visit some of the nicer places we have been and I look forward to meeting some of you and swopping notes. xx



  1. We met you in Italy penny, great to see you are still enjoying your travels


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