Het Loo Palace

Today we cycled to Het Loo Palace some 3 miles away.  It has been a rather overcast day.

The first area we visited were the Royal Stables, a magnificent building on three sides around a courtyard complete with parquet flooring.


There were still some horses in residence one section of the stables, the other sections were to house the carriages and cars.

The Queen had a carriage so that she could go out into the garden and paint!


The painting carriage


the inside of the painting carriage


The Lions Head sleigh


the gnome sleigh



the oldest carriage

They also had on display the hearse carriage used by Queen Wilomina in 1962, apparently she didn’t want black as she believed that her life wasn’t over, just that she was passing onto another one


It was a short walk to the palace and the building itself is really ‘nothing to write home about’ being very plain.  The interior was rather dark, partly the decor and partly the blinds being almost closed to preserve the paintings and tapestries.  The camera had real trouble as we were not allowed to use the flash.


We were very fortunate in that on certain days you can have access to the roof for a euro and we decided to take this opportunity as you could see the details of the garden much better from that vantage point.


As we left the roof terrace it started to rain and by the time we got to the garden it was raining ‘cats and dogs’.  We sheltered in a doorway for an hour before we could venture out!


We managed to stay dry all the way back to van and it remained cloudy until 6pm, this has happened nearly every evening for the last 2 weeks – you get to 6 o’clock and the sun comes out, exactly on 7 it’s as though someone closes the curtains and sun go back in again!

We have nothing planned for tomorrow and Monday is ‘dogs to vets’ day before crossing back into Belgium ready for the eurotunnel on Tuesday.



Remember those orchids I bought, the one or two…………….. well here are some photos of them




Zygopetalum Louisendorf


Paphiopedilum (slipper orchid) pinocchio


Brassia (spider orchid) summer dream


Ok so my maths is a bad as always and I bought 5, BUT they are more than 1/2 the price of those back home so the cost of 1 or 2 – well that’s my excuse.  The only problem now as pointed out by my daughter is where they are going to go once home amongst the 20 or so others! Yes this is my latest obsession.

Elburg in China

After the orchid house we set off for Elburg and another aire on a marina.  This is a lovely spot but unfortunately they need to extend the marina and so the aire is going!  If we were to come back next year it would all be under water.  Hopefully they will provide another area for us campers to stay in another part of town but nothing is planned at the moment.

The town itself is set on an island, completely surrounded by a moat, with big walled gates.


We were surprised at the set up in the fish shops.  On the front counter is all the wet fish that you can buy and take home BUT most people chose their fish and they had them battered and fried at the back of the shop, taking away the fish ready to eat on a plastic tray like a fish and chip shop back home but without the chips!

We did think about having fish and chips for our supper last night but we couldn’t quite work out the pricing and the different fishes so opted for a Chinese instead.  Well Chinese take away food is a law unto itself and is difficult to fatham but in Dutch?  We ordered a set meal for 2………………


With two full carrier bags it was more like a set meal for 20!  Guess what we had for dinner again this evening?



The Orchid House – Luttlegeest – Flevoland

Yesterday we left a rainy Giethoorn and headed to the province of Flevoland which is a new area of land reclaimed from the sea and is younger than me!!!! How mind blowing is that!

The reason for our visit was The Orchid House (https://www.orchideeenhoeve.nl/).  This is an amazing place.. First is a massive reception area with a restaurant to one side, then the shop with all the most amazing orchids for sale.  It costs about 12 euros to go in and the first area you enter is the tropical orchid garden – well words cannot describe how beautiful it is.


Vanda orchid


Vanda Orchid


Elk Leaf Tree



Big fish


I have a blue orchid like the one above – I hope it is a beautiful as that as it started to flower as we left for Holland and I hope it still is when I get home.


Then we came across the little monkeys before going into another section where they had some beautiful birds that were really friendly.


We wandered around the complex on a way marked path, past more orchids and and old tractor collection to the butterfly house.



Needless to say I absolutely loved it in the butterfly house – they are so dainty, beautiful and some really big – it was great.

Next we went past the orchid nursery.  This nursery not only supplies the plants but like many nurseries in the area they provide cut flowers as well.  Next door to the orchid house is a lily nursery but it isn’t open to the public.

Next time we come to the Netherlands I intend to go to the international flower auction as the public can go and watch – just as well it is just watch otherwise I might come home with a truck full of orchids.


We got to the end of the tour and then entered the coffee shop area…………….. well it was described as “the hanging garden cafe” and it left me speechless.


After a much needed coffee it was time to shop!  I only came away with a couple of orchids – honest.

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